Hydraulic load indication weighing system

Easy to install
Reduce service
Site safety increases


LoadMatic is a combined weighing system and overload guard that provides fast weighing and immediate overload protection directly on the forklift before the damage is made.

The mobile weighing system is an excellent tool for fast load checks. The system minimizes the forklift traffic, the time and energy consumption plus the collision risks with personnel.

The integrated overload bar and alarm keeps the driver informed about the load relation to the forklift overload limit and the electric relay, that can activate an overload action on the forklift, prevents dangerous situations.


Key features
  • 1% accuracy.
  • Does not alter fork truck dimensions.
  • No cables in the mast.
  • The weighing system is robust and impossible to overload.
  • The weighing components resist shocks and vibration.
  • Can be installed on a diverse range of lifting equipment.
  • Load status through Overload bar.
  • Overload alarm that solves overload problems.
  • Maintenance free: No moving parts.
  • Easy to use and install, and is incredibly reliable.
  • Economic solution.
  • Prepared for any Overload action: Electric relay is activated when the overload limit is exceeded.
  • Gross, tare and net weight.
  • Accumulation.
Technical specifications
Specification Data
Capacity Same as truck
Accuracy +/- 1% of the capacity
Power supply 12-80 VDC
Temperature range
Operation -5ºC to +40ºC
Storage -10ºC to +50ºC
Protection class IP65

How it works

The LoadMatic Hydraulic weighing and Overload protection system weighs the load when lifting it up to a fixed point, and warns the operator if the preset lifting limit has been exceeded by measuring the pressure in the lifting hydraulics.

When the forklift operator lifts a load the load bar will keep him informed about its weight in relation to the maximum lift capacity. If the operator attempts to lift above the pre-set lifting limit both the integrated audible alarm and the electric relays will be activated. The relays could activate a speed reduction, an automatic lowering of the forks or any similar forklift action.

Fully adjustable, does not affect hydraulic lifting performance and improves site safety. The system also works on wheel loaders and front loaders.


Slip printer
Visual alarm
Audio alarm
WIFI/ Bluetooth data transfer device
Barcode scanner & WMS integration

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