Hydraulic overload protection system

Easy to install
Reduce service
Site safety increases


Increase site safety and reduce maintenance costs with the SafeMatic Overload Protection System.

The SafeMatic provides an integrated full mast overload protection that will warn the operator every time the forklift is overloaded. The system both executes a visible and audible overload warning, and can be configurated to activate an overload action on the forklift like an automatic lowering of the forks, preventing the lifting unit from driving with overload or a speed reduction.


Key features
  • Protects the forklift against overload in all mast sections.
  • Reduces the maintenance and service costs on forklift and attachments.
  • Assures an increased site safety.
  • Prevents damage on material.
  • Integrated audible and visual alarm.
  • Includes two relay outputs for overload actions like external audible or visual alarm, or to interface with forklift (speed limitation, etc.).
  • No limitations of the normal use of the forklift.
  • Suitable for Gas, Diesel and Electrical forklifts.
  • Does not affect the forklift lifting capacity.
  • High quality components.
  • Can be tailormade for specific needs.
Technical specifications
Specification Data
Weighing capacity Same as truck
Accuracy +/-1% of the capacity
Power supply 9-35 VDC
Temperature range
Operation -10° - +50° C
Storage -20° - +50° C
Protection class IP 65

How it works

The SafeMatic Overload Protection System warns the operator that the set lifting limit has been exceeded by measuring the pressure in the lifting hydraulics.

When the forklift operator attempts to lift above the pre-set lifting limit both the integrated audible and visual alarms and the electric relays will be activated. The relays could activate a speed reduction, an automatic lowering of the forks or similar forklift action. Fully adjustable, does not affect hydraulic lifting performance and improves site safety.

The SafeMatic Overload Protection System is calibrated in all mast sections providing full overload protection wherever the load may be lifted from.

The system also work on electrical pallet truck, wheel loaders and front loaders.


Visual alarm
Audio alarm
Inductive sensor
WIFI/ Bluetooth data transfer device

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