Weighing forks for electric pallet trucks



Conversion of an electric pallet truck into a mobile weighing system.

EPMatic is a fork integrated weighing system that has been specifically designed for electric pallet truck, and provides immediate and accurate weighing results, and provides all relevant weighing functions and the latest data transfer technology. The system was designed to last, resist and avoid continuous technical service, even in industrial applications with extremely high requirements. The production process allows each system to be adapted exactly according to the requirements.

The EPMatic solution is a combined weighing and overload protection system, that warns the operator directly on the electric pallet truck before the damage is made.


Key features
  • +/-0,1% accuracy.
  • Very strong construction.
  • Load status through Overload bar.
  • Overload alarm that solves overload problems.
  • Easy to use and incredibly reliable.
  • Prepared for any Overload action: Electric relay is activated when the overload limit is exceeded.
  • Gross, tare and net weight.
  • Accumulation.
  • Piece counting.
  • RS232 serial port.
  • Printable time and date stamped weighing reports.
  • Data transfer to ERP/WMS.
Technical specifications
Specification Data
Capacity Same as truck
Accuracy +/-0,1% of the capacity
Power supply 12-80 VDC
Temperature range (operation) -5ºC to +40ºC
Temperature range (storage) -10ºC to +50
Protection class IP65

How it works

The EPMatic weighing forks provide immediate and accurate weighing results on the electric pallet truck when placing a load on the forks. The complete range of weighing functions makes it the perfect option for any warehouse application.

The normal use of the electrical pallet truck stays unchanged but with an integrated weighing system that saves costs and prevents time requiring travels to floor scales.

The EPMatic weighing forks provide the required Bluetooth or Wi-Fi data transfer and connectivity with WMS or ERP systems.

The integrated overload bar and alarm keeps the driver informed about the load relation to the electric pallet truck overload limit and the electric relay, that can activate an overload action on the electric pallet truck, prevents dangerous situations.

The EPMatic weighing forks improve the company intra logistic efficiency by allowing to weigh anywhere and whenever required.


Slip printer
Visual alarm
Audio alarm
WIFI/ Bluetooth data transfer device
Barcode scanner & WMS integration

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